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Showing up. Photo: Nora Bateson

Integrity is the art of navigating those moments in which no pre-scripted rules apply. To meet complexity, to make new sense of it, requires willingness to go forward without someone else’s instructions. It means not justifying continued destruction or limiting what is possible by pointing to history, or worse “human nature”, whatever that is.

The rigor of this is daunting. Comparing and contrasting inner interpretations, experiences — listening and watching with wide angle perception. I see it as a muscle to train in receiving information about the vast interrelational consequences of each action and non-action. (And, the action not taken is also an action). It means staying alert, paying attention, and resisting the itch to rest in the familiar.

Integrity has something to do with knowing that I will, with all I can muster, show up.

Filmmaker, writer, educator, lecturer, President of the International Bateson Institute. Books: Small Arcs of Larger Circles 2016, Warm Data *upcoming 2019

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