It’s Fantastic

Nora Bateson
4 min readAug 17, 2022

It’s fantastic.

Just to witness such a theater of tangled stories is indeed a show to beat all shows.

The way each flavor of the stories of this moment have produced their own puzzle, complete with transcontextual overlapping versions is remarkable, even terrible, but beautiful in its intricacy.

It is fantastic. It is everywhere. It is a whirling maze of reiterations. A fugue of seductive cages for epistemology to stir itself into itself.

Through one door, it’s religions; a tangle of the sacred, the potential for devotion wrapped into a spiral of exclusions and controls…and God is god because of god, and god is absolute.

Through another door it’s money, and money is real because what is real is defined in terms of money. The buck stops and starts there.

Then there is the academy and what is real is studied because what is studied is real. Research proves the research.

The schools are labeling, measuring and funneling the next generation into compartments that desensitize the ability to receive information about life.

The law is based on ownership, which is based on law.

The machines keep telling us we need more machines.

The health systems are making people sick. Pharma is a lifeline that is laced with lies.

Self help is producing an unhealthy idea of the self, and help.

Spirituality — — is full of wordy scripts where there only breath, art, and music can offer communion. Words are inadequate.

So they point to imagination for a break from the boxes, only to find that the imagination is sourcing from the epistemology that produces boxes. Re-modelling the models.

I might shrug my shoulders, sigh and think… well, it is what it is.

As Korzybski says… it IS not what it is. And that is the fantastic part.

The perception of any one of these tautologies is forged and patterned into a writhing cluster of habits and language, spinning round and round. The thing seen is not the thing. The thing felt is not the thing…

Caught in one thousand traps at the same time, at some point one must admire their magnificent mire.

All of the stories are in cahoots, even in their contradictions — proving the others, in a world of proofs. The education system…



Nora Bateson

Filmmaker, writer, educator, lecturer, President of the International Bateson Institute. Books: Small Arcs of Larger Circles 2016, Warm Data *upcoming 2019