It’s Fantastic

Nora Bateson
4 min readAug 17, 2022

It’s fantastic.

Just to witness such a theater of tangled stories is indeed a show to beat all shows.

The way each flavor of the stories of this moment have produced their own puzzle, complete with transcontextual overlapping versions is remarkable, even terrible, but beautiful in its intricacy.

It is fantastic. It is everywhere. It is a whirling maze of reiterations. A fugue of seductive cages for epistemology to stir itself into itself.

Through one door, it’s religions; a tangle of the sacred, the potential for devotion…

Nora Bateson

Filmmaker, writer, educator, lecturer, President of the International Bateson Institute. Books: Small Arcs of Larger Circles 2016, Warm Data *upcoming 2019